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Savannah Book Launch Photos!

Had a great time in Savannah at the Seed Eco Lounge at the Book Launch. My wife, Shelly, joined us in the celebration.

Shelly and me at the Seed Eco Lounge.

The next day, I met with my coauthor Crystal and her friend, Yanek to discuss Book 3, Cybil Raven: Valley of Souls over lunch at MOON RIVER restaurant on Bay Street. Great place!

Crystal and Yanek joined us for a planning lunch!

Great & Independent Review of Miracle of St. Rita

“In a fast-paced and extraordinary novel, the lives of these two women reunite and they must put their past behind them and work together to save the orphanage, their lives, and their country from an enemy long-thought to be dead and gone. Cybil Raven: Miracle at St. Rita is powerful and raw, with a dose of reality not seen in many contemporary novels. As an Iraq War veteran herself, Crystal Craven lends so much of herself to the character of Cybil, creating a character that finds the perfect balance of power and femininity.” -Christina, Reviewer at Cherrygrrl Webzine

Book Launch Party! Savannah! 12/22, 7-9 pm

Crystal Craven and Tony Timbol’s new book, Cybil Raven: Miracle at St. Rita debuts locally in Savannah. Join Crystal, Tony, family, friends and Savannah locals as they celebrate the launch of the novel, the second entry in the Cybil Raven Chronicles.


Several local business in Savannah were featured in the book including the Hilton Hotel, Hamilton Turner Inn, B Matthew’s, The Breakfast Club, St. Johns the Baptist Cathedral, Gallery Espresso, Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House and local parks and locations.


The evening’s Door Prizes include two (2) copies of the novel in paperback (a $20 value each) personally autographed by Crystal and Tony.


Mingle, drink and find out a little of the back story of how a former rocket scientist and fashion model met and collaborated on an genre-defining story, a Chick Thriller Lit adventure based on real-life events!

Click here to read the invite and RSVP. Its open to the public!

Author Tony Timbol presents E-Book Primer at UNF Writers Conference

Over 100 authors and writers participated in the E-book workshop presented by the UNF Writers Conference. Author Tony Timbol, along with other experts, presented a variety of information on e-book publishing. Author Tony Timbol took the audience through his and his co-author’s journey on publishing Cybil Raven Beginnings, Volume 1 of the Cybil Raven Chronicles. The full novel, Cybil Raven: Miracle at St. Rita, is due out in August/September as an e-book and Print on Demand (POD).

Cybil Raven:Miracle at St. Rita Coming Soon!

The first full-length novel in the series, Cybil Raven: Miracle at St. Rita is due for release in June 2011 in e-Book.  Sign up for the Cybil Raven Updates & Related News for the official announcement on our website


Begin the Cybil Raven adventure for only .99 cents by downloading Cybil Raven Beginnings, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  More on our Purchase Books page of our site.


Cybil Raven Chronicles is a new action thriller series.  Follow Cybil Raven through her exciting adventures – you’ll love the stories!